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    상품명 Vintage John Bull Low Rise Selvedge Denim Pants ( 30 inc , Made in JAPAN )
    판매가 65,000원
    designed by 자체제작
    imported 국내
    상품코드 P000CBIR
    적립금 650원 (1%)
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    Vintage John Bull Low Rise Selvedge Denim Pants ( 30 inc , Made in JAPAN ) 수량증가 수량감소 (  650)
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    Vintage John Bull Low Rise Selvedge Denim Pants (  30 inc , Made in JAPAN )

    fabric : Cotton

    condition : B+
    size :   30 inc 
    총길이 99.5cm  허리 단면 38.5cm  밑위 23cm   허벅지 28.5cm   밑닽통 22cm



    1952년 설립

    워크웨어와 교복등을 생산해오다가 1967년에 데님의 성지 오카야마코지마 지역에서 

    전통방식으로 데님 워크웨어를 생산하며 퀄리티 높은 데님을  선보이는 브랜드랍니다.

    Brand Concept

    To Respect and have an aspiration for the styles and products which have been continuously loved throughout the ages and to comprehensively know the significance, allure and rules of each type of clothing. On the basis of the two concepts above we are conscious about authenticity and quality when we create our products and we represent a new value of Jeans, Work wear, Military wear and dress.

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    Johnbull (Formerly known as Kanewa Clothing Co. Ltd) started its business operations in 1963 in Kojima, Okayama, Japan. Initially, we were engaged in the production of work and uniform wear, and then in 1967 we created and registered the Johnbull brand with which we designed, produced and sold as Johnbull “Casual Work Wear”

    In the course of our business history, we have cultivated our own manufacturing technique and business operation know-how. We have our own factory in Kojima, Okayama where the famous old Union Special sewing machines capable of sewing very thick fabric still actively work hard.

    Kojima is district of the city of Kurashiki, which is located in Okayama (about 530km west of Tokyo), and is famous for being THE capital of Textiles and Jeans culture in Japan. We at Johnbull dedicate ourselves to continuously develop original fabric, cutting and sewing techniques, with professional washing and treatment skills to create unique and quality work wear.


    수입빈티지상품, 밀리터리, 리메이크상품까지 다양한 빈티지상품판매

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